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What to Wear With a Leather Wristband

It’s hard to be unstylish with a leather wristband because of its versatility, BUT when it is worn in poor taste, it can look hilarious but tackier than a fanny pack worn over an ugly Christmas sweater—or even worse, a Christmas fanny pack.

Christmas fanny pack

Fortunately, it’s highly likely you own more than enough clothes to pair with a leather wristband or leather cuff of your choice. This is just a short but informative post on the range of formality you can pull off with a leather wristband.



If you’re looking for something more cool and comfortable, all you need is a pair of blue jeans and a plain -shirt (preferably dark) to go with your leather band. You don’t necessarily need a belt to pair it with, but as you can see in the image, it definitely matches better. If you’re wearing a black or tan wristband, pair it with the same colored belt for a sense of continuity. It’s perfect for a nice outing to the movies, mall, or the bar just to name a few.leather band


If you want to appear more clean-cut, avoid pairing it with a heavily branded graphic T-shirt unless you’re supporting a rock/punk/gothic band of your choice (I’m a Pinik Floyd guy). If your wristband or cuff has a bunch of intricate designs, make sure to complement it with more matching accessories or multiple layers of clothing, because a complex band standing on its own will not look good. (There’s a reason you don’t see Lexus commercials with people driving in sweatpants—it’s a style thing.)

black leather cuff


Depending on the weather as you move from comfortable to casual, you’ll find immense success in wearing it with a nice sweater with earthy tone pants (dark green, brown, blue, and black). It might be cold enough outside for you to wear a sweater, but I usually like to wear a plain white T-shirt underneath just in case I want to take off the sweater as it gets warmer.

thinner leather wristbands

You can wear hoodies or quarter-zips with thinner leather wristbands, but it may look a bit bulky with a wider one. This is because hoodies and quarter-zips have more of a  “chill” or casual vibe, rather than a sturdy, masculine look like that a sweater and the wristband can have.


If that wasn’t versatile enough, you can upgrade from casual to classy by pairing it with a pastel autumn-inspired palette (soft orange, brown, green, red), or a salmon-pink button-up shirt. It definitely looks better with clothing that is has a gradient checker than with stripes or polka dots.


Go ahead and tuck that shirt in and voila, just look at that!

checkered blue outfit tucked into brown pants with leather wristband

And in case you were wondering about the salmon-colored button up (with the same colored pants as the previous picture), check it out:

brown leather wristband

Don’t be afraid to test out more combinations, but the primary point is to match it with similar tones and textures, rather than just wearing it with everything in your closet. Leather wristbands and cuffs are a strong accessory, meaning that they are more visually and physically prominent than a watch or a thin bracelet. Remember: fashion is not a hard science, and these are just a few ideas of what to wear with your leather wristband to get you started.

Try it out for yourself!