Most people like to keep things to themselves…

But some people like to express themselves openly and fully. There are also some who are in between, and those people are the ones who would have an affinity for the Unclean Charisma wristband. This stylish brown or tan wristband says just enough about you that others will find themselves more curious to know about you. It might be a simple, “hey, I like your wristband,” but you see, that tiny bit of attention was deliberate on your part. Maybe you didn’t want to say it explicitly, but your Unclean Charisma wristband said it for you. This wristband is excellent for concert or daily wear, in the end, it’s up to you to decide what you like to wear it with.

There are things we like to imagine are unspoken, and your charisma is something people keep hush hush about until they’re away. Maybe they sense it. Maybe they don’t. There’s no saying, but all we can tell you is that if you have a bit to show but like to stay somewhat hidden, this band is for you.

Are you an enigma? We won’t say more, and we’ll let the stylish Unclean Charisma band say it for you.


SIZING OPTIONS for this stylish band

This exciting band is just over 2″ (5.1cm) wide with one 1″ (2.54cm) strap running straight down the middle and buckling in the back.  Feel the excitement of genuine leather on your arms!

Choose Large if your wrist size is between 6.75-8″ (17.1-20.3cm)  “Large” size bands have an overall length of 10.5″ (26.5cm) with the last hole for the buckle at approximately 8.5″ (21.6cm).

Choose Standard if your wrist size is between 5-7″ (12.7-17.8cm) “Standard” size bands have overall length of 10.0″ (25.4cm) with the last hole for the buckle at approximately 7.75″ (19.7cm).


Black, Brown, Tan


Large, Standard


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