IMMACULATE DRAGONHIDE | Black or Brown Wristband

//IMMACULATE DRAGONHIDE | Black or Brown Wristband

IMMACULATE DRAGONHIDE | Black or Brown Wristband

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This Immaculate Dragonhide black or brown leather wristband might not be as protective as the legendary Mythril armor, but it looks just as good—if not better. If you’re feeling a bit minimal and just want a simple black band to adorn your outfit, this is the perfect fit. It’s slim, sleek, soft, stylish, and has that goosebump-inducing smell all good leather does.

The black band will match with nearly your entire outfit, especially for casual outings or outdoor concert wear. It matches both the day and night. In the day, it exudes a cool confidence that few other accessories can manage. However, when the sun goes down, it camouflages with the darkness and leaves you feeling and looking a bit mysterious. It is pretty tough and handles different weather conditions well (after all, it is leather), so don’t worry about wearing it during your active outings.

The brown band has a deeper, more earthy tone, so it will match with other earthy colors like green, dark blue, black, and other shades of brown. Despite that, just remember that these bands are here for you to express yourself. There are no real “rules” as to how you should match colors—you do what feels good to you. Express yourself genuinely.

Both styles of wristbands feature two simple snap-in buttons that are well-hidden on the outside, so they don’t stand out and make you look like a fool. To take it off, all you have to do is pull it off. No unbuckling required.

Although this wristband is the most simple of our stylish wristbands, you’ll find that it is also the most versatile. In the same way that black goes with nearly every color, you’ll find both colors of wristbands fulfilling your fashion needs in no time. Check it out for yourself!


This cool leather arm band is approximately 2″ (5.1cm) wide.

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