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Guide to Wearing Men’s Leather Cuff Bracelets

What do I wear this with?

That’s one of the most common questions as you branch out into unfamiliar territories of fashion. Learning maximizes the unique and stylish strengths of leather can make your fashion pop. That’s just what this short 3-minute guide was created to do.

Leather in all its glory conveys a charismatic sexiness because of its raw, untamed nature. Without getting into the jazz of toxic masculinity, it’s traditionally symbolic of power and protection—the very two traits that a “man’s man” would have. Anyone can benefit from it, and we’re going to incorporate that into your outfits.

The most common way to wear a thicker leather bracelet is to first, make sure your clothes are fitted moderately well. You don’t see cowboys sagging, nor do you see modern people in business wearing a blazer three sizes too large. A proper bracelet will pair with your outfit like an earring and necklace set matching with a woman’s dress. You’ll want clothes that are not tacky (bright, strong & contrasting colors). Go with something a bit more reserved and straightforward. It will convey cool confidence that doesn’t scream, “hey, look at me!”

Not TackyTacky






This is perhaps the most natural part. A solid leather cuff bracelet pairs well with any fitted jeans. Levi’s, skinny jeans, black jeans, earthy green jeans, brown jeans—any will do. It certainly looks more modern and stylish if you pair it with jeans, rather than cargo pants, but still, cargo pants are okay. Here’s what you don’t want with a leather cuff or wristband: brightly colored shorts, capris, and pants that hang low.

As long as the colors are earthy, white, or black, it will look great. I always prefer to match my belt color with the leather wristband; this is easy to do because a single double-sided belt will match 90% of wrist cuffs or wristbands, as they are almost always black or brown. A belt also makes the outfit feel more put-together and conveys a stronger sense of down-to-earth-ness and responsibility than no belt.

Leather cuff wristbands


Shoes are also quite comfortable to pair a leather wristband with. Unless you’re drinking a mojito on the beach in the Cayman Islands, don’t wear it with flip-flops. It’s best to make a clear distinction between the chill-relaxed leather wristwear and “I-mean-business” wrister. If you wish to pair it with your beach vacation outfit, it will go well, but be sure not to mix your open-chested unbuttoned white suit shirt and wristband with formal wear.

With a black cuff bracelet, black, close-toed shoes will look the best. The same goes for brown wristband and brown shoes. As wristbands are not meant for sportswear, tennis and running shoes will take away from the cohesiveness from your outfit. The wristband looks best when matched with casual black, brown, and gray shoes. If you’re into flat-bottomed skater shoes, a black wristband will match the flow if you also pair them with black jeans and some chains if you’re feeling good. Regardless, your wristband or cuff will look awesome with any non-clunky looking brown or black matching shoe.


If you’re going for casual, make it clear. Pure blue, yellow, brown, black, white, gray, and dark green shirts will look great with black and brown wristbands. Button-ups, tee shirts, V-necks, and crew necks also will fit the flow of your outfit. Remember the overreached maxim in aesthetics: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid!).

Wearing cartoon or heavily graphic tees would be a disservice to the integrity of your leather bracelet or cuff. Keep your outfits stable, with minimal designs, or patterned merely. The market is overpopulated with fancy watches to the point that it seems like the corny gold plating you’ll find to make places look fancy. Some of them are beautiful, but few of them convey the confident simplicity of a leather cuff bracelet. Use it to your advantage by pairing it with a button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Other accessories

To avoid looking too much like Captain Jack Sparrow, it’s best that you keep your wrists relatively clear. No more than 2-3 wristbands, unless it’s “just your thing.” Necklaces are beautiful, but big necklaces can be overkill and destroy the power behind any statements made by your leather wristband or cuff bracelet.

In short leather cuff bracelet

Pair your leather cuff bracelet with like colors. Avoid tackiness, and keep the hues earthy. Wear it casual, but not lazily. Keep it simple, but don’t compromise too much of your style to make the leather pop. You should end up with an outfit that conveys confidence and character.

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